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Exhibitor Information (Non-seller)

   Thank you for considering bringing your operating layout or static train display to the Rocky Mountain Toy Train Show at the Mart. The RMTTS is an all scales train show and a regional destination event promoting the toy and scale train hobbies.

   Our organization has sponsored a Holiday train show in the Denver area for the last 35 years. RMD-TCA is a division of the 501c3 Train Collectors Association that has members in the states of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana, and our previous shows have had many attendees from New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. For 2013, we have contracted for a 120,000 square foot space at the Mart, which is conveniently located at I-25 and 58th Avenue in Denver.

   Approximately one half of that space will be devoted to operating layouts and other non-selling exhibits. We have designed the show to promote the toy train hobby to the public by featuring many activities to bring families with young children in the door. Among these activities are approximately 25 operating train layouts, manufacturers’ displays, how-to clinics, presentations by tourist railroads and museums throughout the region, door prize drawings and many fun things to do in our Kids Corner.

   In order to make your organization’s participation easier for 2013, we have made the following changes. Layout setup will begin at 10 am on Friday and layouts only will be allowed to unload from 10 am to noon.

 THE MART  - 58th Avenue at I-25
A printable copy of these procedures is available on our Download Forms page.

To:    All Sellers and Exhibitors

 Statement of Purpose: The purpose of these procedures is to inform all show participants of the RMD board approved requirements to enter and exit The Mart and to accommodate participants with timely and proficient show unloading and loading logistics at the Mart dock.




 Show Materials:

·         All show exhibit equipment and sale merchandise delivered on Friday is to be brought to the EAST side (Washington St.) dock/ramp of The Mart at the times arranged.

·         Large exhibit equipment requires prior delivery arrangements to be made with the Mart.

 Friday Load In:

·         Retailers, Manufacturers and Layout/Modular clubs will be assigned mutually agreed upon morning unloading times, to allow sufficient room on the dock/ramp.  Transport containers may be stored in dock area.

·         Dock doors open at NOON for general access and close at 7:00 pm.

·         Parking allowed in any lots on Friday. Parking Saturday and Sunday only in Mart lots EAST of Washington St. to keep spaces open for your customers. Handicap exception.

·         Trailers to be parked EAST of Washington St. at all times.

·         Inform dock crew (wearing vests) of type of vehicle you are driving and wait for unloading spot assignment on dock/ramp by crew member.

·         All vehicles are to be assigned unloading spots to keep an open center lane for emergency vehicles (ambulance/EMT) access through dock/ramp overhead doors, AT ALL TIMES.  A vehicle free 10 ft. safety area in front of the overhead door entry zone is also required.

·         When assigned an unloading spot you will be provided with a cart.  If compatible with unloading your vehicle, you may use a truck bay on north side of dock. A crew member will direct you.

·         When last or only cart is loaded, leave it with dock crew and promptly relocate your vehicle to any parking lot. This is for Friday only. All show day parking is required east of Washington.

·         ONLY unloading allowed on the ramp and at the truck bays. Extended parking not permitted.

·         Handicap marked spaces available adjacent to dock/ramp stairs. Hang windshield cards.

·         Have table cover in place and promptly unload your merchandise. Do not use cart(s) for storage and do not set-up sales table(s) until cart is returned to dock crew.

 Carts are at a premium please return them to dock crew when unloading is completed.

·         Wear current RMD issued passes at all times so that only authorized persons enter the exhibition halls.  This procedure helps protect your merchandise and layouts.  A check point will be in place at the entry to Expo III.


·         Dock overhead doors open at 7:00 am and close at 9:30 am PROMPTLY.

·         Dock pedestrian door closes at 10:00 am PROMPTLY. The Mart is not providing dock access security after 10:00 am, so you must schedule to arrive with merchandise prior to that time.  Doors cannot be re-opened!

·         Follow Friday Load In procedures.  All parking EAST of Washington St.

·         Handicap marked parking spaces adjacent to dock/ramp.

·         ALL vehicles to be parked EAST of Washington St.  Leave parking spaces adjacent to Mart open for public/paying customers.  Lots will be patrolled to remove violators.

·         Dock pedestrian door opens at 5:00 pm Saturday to allow easier seller/exhibitor access to vehicles parked in the lots across Washington Street.

             Sunday Morning:

·         Dock overhead and pedestrian doors open at 8:45 am.  The overhead door will close promptly at 9:30 am.  The dock pedestrian door closes PROMPTLY at 10:00 am and will not be reopened.  Mart security is not provided at the doors after 10:00 am.

       Sunday Load Out:

      Note: This is a large show with numerous participants. The cooperation of everyone is required so that a manageable and as rapid as possible exiting procedure is achieved. Volunteer helpers may be available to push carts.  Consider tipping them.

·               Table pack-up and layout breakdown is allowed ONLY AFTER 5:00 pm – NO EXCEPTIONS, to avoid conflicts with any public visitors remaining until closing time.

·               The dock area opens at 5:15 pm to allow time to see tax guy. Carts are NOT to be removed from dock prior to 5:15 pm.

·               Access to all transportation containers will be available at 5:00 pm sharp.

·               When merchandise is fully packed, see tax guy, pay due amount and have your tax/exit card stamped.

·               Bring stamped card, table cover and badge/lanyard to dock crew to obtain a cart.  Table cover need not be folded.

·               A sitting/waiting area and service table for exiting participants will be at dock entrance area. As carts are available they will be provided to next in line to load their already packed merchandise at tables.  Bring loaded cart to dock for vehicle loading ramp assignment.

·               Inform dock crew of your type of vehicle. You will be told when to bring vehicle onto ramp by a crew member. If possible, have someone stay with your loaded cart at dock until a loading spot is assigned on ramp. An emergency lane must be maintained in the center of the ramp and the 10 ft. offset from the overhead door loading zone also remains in effect.

·               Follow the directions of dock crew to facilitate vehicle loading and ramp exiting.

·               Truck bays on north side of dock may also be assigned for loading. A dock crew member will direct you to that location if your vehicle is suitable for the height of the dock.

·               You may load in the parking lots.  If using a Mart cart, please return it to dock crew as soon as possible.  Please return cart only to a dock crew member so that the waiting line priority is properly utilized. 

·               Be aware of backing vehicles when using ramp.

·               Only 2-wheeled hand carts are allowed through the front, south - 58th Ave. doors, to exit the exhibition hall after 5:15 pm.

 Thank you for your cooperation with these regulations so that our shows will remain in compliance and your participation is a pleasant experience.

Show Information

   Show Promotion

   For information on the many promotions we are doing for the show check out the Promotions Page.


   Denver Mart Expo Center 451 East 58th Avenue,
Denver, CO 80216


   Friday,  12:00 pm - 8:00 pm - Unloading & Set up
   Saturday,  7:00 am - 9:00 am - Unloading & Set up

Open to the Public
Saturday and Sunday,  10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Move out
Sunday 5:00 pm until done.


   The Mart has a covered loading area at the Expo Center. Vehicles are not allowed in the hall.
   The loading area is on the East end of the Expo Building.
   Loading carts will be provided.

   Exhibitor Badge Distribution

   Badge pickup will be at the dock doors of the Expo Center on the East side of the building facing Washington Street.
   Your designated contact will pickup the badges for your entire group and distribute them accordingly.

   Present a How-to Clinic

   How-to Clinics are a great way to interest new people in the hobby and draw potential new members to your club. Let us know if your organization would be interested in presenting a clinic. Some clinic topics for consideration are DCC tutorial, wiring, scenery, locomotive repair, weathering, module design and kit construction.

   Exhibitor Application

   Please complete the Exhibitor Application, which will give us all the information we need to determine appropriate size and placement for your exhibit. You can mail or email the application.

    A copy of the Exhibitor Application is available on the
 Download Forms page.

   Merchandise Mart Floor Plan

   A copy of the floor plan is available on the Download Forms page.

   Thanks again for considering the Rocky Mountain Toy Train Show at the Mart.

   If you have any questions, please send an email to:

Copyright © 2010, 2011 by Rocky Mountain Division Train Collectors Association
All Rights Reserved.